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About Us

Who Are We

Wolfcreekworks is a USA based company founded in 2020 with a highly diversified team. We believe in order to serve you best we need to surround ourselves with the best. Our goal is to always be technologically advanced in relation to our competitors and at the forefront of the North American agricultural processing industry.


As Organic and locally sourced food is increasingly sought after, the understanding of the technologies and the challenges in processing become extremely valuable. We’ve made it our mission to always design with the end result in mind. With our solutions and equipment, you can always count on smooth production and top-quality products.  Smart innovations in industrial processes allow us to make manual repetitive work easier, safer, more sustainable and more efficient

Simon Kennedy


Why Choose Us

The key benefits of choosing our machine


One HHH can do the work of up to 30 people in the field.


The HHH series machine can pay for itself in as little as 10 days with labor savings.


One man operation can deliver up to 2000lbs or 1000kg of flower per day. With a larger team Cedar Organise have produced 3527lbs /1600kg in one shift.


Higher quality flower when harvested with the HHH where plants only need to be handled one time compared to up to 10 times with traditional buckers.


With the ability to harvest large quantities with small team’s plant degradation is minimised.

Meet The Team

Simon Kennedy

30 years experience in all aspects of mechanical engineering, with specialty knowledge in large scale Cannabis farming. Ice water extraction Commercial freeze dryers.

Irma Kennedy

22 years head of sales and marketing for the national carrier.

Customers have reported one HHH700 can harvest up to 1650KG / 3637lbs in a shift.

The HHH can pay for itself in as little as 10 days with labor savings when compared with more traditional methods.

All flower touching components are the highest quality stainless steel.

The HHH can be operated with just one person.

A small tractor delivering 37 litres per min or an electrical power pack.

The HHH is manufactured in the Arkansas with special some models coming from Europe.

Yes full training and back up provided.

12 months on all components.