Flower Harvest using the HHH series machines for as little $0.10 per lbs.

Harvesting flower using traditional bucking machines can cost up to $1.50 per lbs

Hand bucking can cost up to $2.00 per lbs.

Over 50% of the outdoor cannabis crop is lost because it wasn’t harvested in time.

Multiple factors include, labour availability, bottle necks with bucking stations, constant training of temp or agency workers and weather.

The HHH machines can harvest flower 30 times faster than working by hand, easily harvesting up to 1000 bushy plants per day ensuring the flower is harvested during that all important high potency window.

  • The unique feeding and stripping technology of the HHH makes this machine ideal for harvesting small auto flower plants.
  • No 3”- 5” of stem preparation is needed before bucking or de-stemming your quality flower. Save time and feed the stems straight from the branches into the HHH machine. The machine takes care of the rest and feeds the flower into buckets, totes, or conveyors.
  • Significant throughput increase with the HHH flower bucking machine – processes up to 200 plants per hour or 10 lbs. of fresh flower per minute (genetics specific); can be used for dry flower bucking as well.
  • Efficiency gain – the HHH performs the work of up to 30 people.
  • Maximum flower and trichomes preservation – by utilizing patented flower stripping technology, minimum plant handling during harvest is achieved.

The HHH series machines are designed for field and indoor harvesting, equipped with award-winning and patented flower stripping technology, capable of stripping up to 10 lbs of flower per min.

The HHH boasts a carrying capacity of up to 250 liters, useful when harvesting in tight spaces such as hoop houses or opening new rows in the field.


The HHH850 is designed for large-scale stationary harvesting feeding the harvested flower direct into all-size totes or conveyors to carry the flower onto further processing like freezer tunnels, drying rooms, or trimmers.

The HHH series machines are designed for large scale stationary harvesting, feeding the harvested flower direct into all size totes, or conveyors to carry the flower onto further processing like freezer tunnels, drying rooms or trimmers.

Harvest for as little as $0.10 per lbs.

    • The most efficient way to harvest quality flower
    • Flower harvesting for as little as $0.10 per lbs compared to up to $1.50 per lbs per using traditional bucking or de-stemming machines.
    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor operation.
    • The HHH series machines can pay for themselves in as little as 10 days with labor savings.
    • One man operation can deliver up to 2000lbs or 1000kg of flower per day.
    • With a larger team, Cedar Organics in BC was able to produce 3527lbs /1600kg of flower in one 8 hour shift.
    • Higher quality flower when harvested with the HHH where plants only need to be handled one time compared to up to 10 times with traditional buckers.
    • With the ability to harvest large quantities with a small team plant degradation is minimized.

The safety regulations in Michigan require that the harvesting of cannabis has to be done indoors.

This visualization provides an overview of how our machine works and operates in accordance with these guidelines by ensuring safe harvesting practices are maintained throughout the production.

An indoor-harvesting system has been developed which ensures full compliance with state guidelines.



Customers have reported one HHH series machine can harvest up to 1650KG / 3637lbs in one shift of 8 hours.

The HHH can pay for itself in as little as 10 days with labor savings when compared with more traditional methods.

All flower touching components are build using the highest quality food grade material.

The HHH can be operated with just one person.

A small tractor delivering a hydraulic flow rate 37 liters per minute or 9.8 gallons per minute

Optional gas powered or electrical hydraulic powerpack

The HHH series are being manufactured in Manitoba, Canada

Yes full training and back up provided.

12 months on all components.